2 fl oz hydrosol blend set Hydrosol Blend Sampler Set (2 fl oz) Hydrosol Blend Sampler Set (2 fl oz)
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Hydrosol Blend Sampler Set (2 fl oz)

Brand: GreenHealth
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Hydrosol Blends Sampler Set includes:

2oz Forever 29

2oz Enchantment

2oz Rush Hour

2oz Cranky Baby

The hydrosol and hydrosol synergy blends can also be added to a diffuser - no need to dilute.

Save even more when you add an AromaMist Diffuser to your gift set from the options menu!      

A hydrosol, also known as a floral water, is not an essential oil.  

When essential oils are distilled, condensation is produced as a byproduct.  This condensation has the scent and properties of the distilled plant.  

A hydrosol/floral water product does not need to be diluted and can be used as packaged.

All of GreenHealth's hydrosols and hydrosol synergy blends contain 100% pure floral waters, and are a great way for someone new to the benefits of essential oils to experience them.

There are many ways to use your hydrosols:

*  Use as a face or body spray

* Use as a room and linen fragrance

* Add to a bath or use as a hair rinse

* Most hydrosols make great toners




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