Winter Nights (Limited Edition) Winter Blend

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Winter Nights

Like spending the holidays at the cabin.  The oils used in this blend combine the sweet scents of orange and lavender, with the deeper seasonal tones of frankincense and myrrh, all neatly packaged with the warm and comforting indulgence of cedarwood and cinnamon.  Together, the sedative properties of this blend sooth and calm the mind, reducing tension, anxiety, stress and depression while ushering in a deep restorative sleep.

Contains: 100% pure essential oils of Sweet Orange, Lavender, Frankincense, Myrrh, Cedarwood Texas and Cinnamon.

To Use:

For a relaxing massage, use a 10% ratio of blend to carrier oil (such as jojoba)

Diffuse at 5-7 drops for a calming atmosphere.

Can be used in a personal inhaler to keep handy for times anxiety or tension arise while on the go.



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