Almond Sweet (Choice up to 5 Gallon)

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100% PURE Carrier Oil! - Almond (1 - 5 gallon )

Information: Almond Carrier Oil

Botanical Name:
Prunus dulcis

The almond is the fruit of the almond tree, Prunus dulcis. This small deciduous tree is native to the middle eastern world however know grows many places. It grows to about 4-10 meters tall with a trunk as wide as 30 cm in diameter. Almonds are known for their many uses in food and are said to have oils good for heart health including reducing your risk for heart disease.

Common Uses:
The almond oil is known for use in massage therapy for being a light carrier oil with a pleasant feel. Many massage therapists prefer almond oil to other carrier oils because it doesnt feel as thick or as heavy. Almond oil is also said to promote good hair health.

Almond oil for most is very safe and non irritating, people with certain nut allergies should consult with an alergist professional before using almond oil.

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