GreenHealth Synergy Blends Germ Ninja (Immunity) - Compare to 'Thieves Oil'

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Germ Ninja (Compare to Thieves Oil)

100% Pure Essential Oil Synergy Blend

A synergistic blend of seven powerful essential oils that really packs a punch.  This strongly concentrated blend is designed to be a superhero for immunity. Germs, bacteria, colds, and more will never see this ‘Ninja’ coming!

(Compare with Thieves)


Clove Bud, Lemon, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Frankincense and Lavender

Primary Benefits:

Boosts immune system * Antibacterial * Antioxidant protection * Anti-inflammatory * Anti-septic * Natural pain reliever * Wound treatment * Respiratory problems * Anti-microbial * Sinus and allergies (sinusitis) * Cold & flu * Anti-infectious * Fights parasites * Fights free radicals * Fights viruses * Cleansing and purification * Focus * Calming * Uplifting * Kills mold and fungus * Decongestant * Muscle pain relief

Secondary Benefits:

Skin care * Improves blood circulation * Boosts energy * Hair nourishment/conditioner * Hand cleaner (grease and grime) * Air cleaner/Odor remover * Soothes digestive issues * Reduces scars, wounds, stretch marks and acne


Before using this synergy blend on your skin, we recommend that you first do a skin patch test to test for any allergic reactions.  

Diffusing:  Diffusing Germ Ninja will purify the air, kill germs and eliminate odors.  Use 5-7 drops of concentrate in an essential oil diffuser or in a pot of simmering water on the stove for 20-30 minutes three or four times a day.  We recommend starting with 6 drops and adjust per personal preference.

All-Purpose Spray – cleans and disinfects around the home, purifying the air and eliminating odors.  Use only 1 drop per bottle ounce and then top off with water (or you can use a floral water such as Lavender).  For best results, add the oil first.  Shake well before using.  Before using on surfaces in need of disinfecting, we suggest you do a spot check to make sure this blend is safe as it may cause discoloration on some materials.

Dishwasher/Laundry: Add 3-4 drops to empty machine and run thoroughly to eliminate bacteria and odors.



  • This oil blend is EXTREMELY POTENT.  It can burn sensitive skin, throat lining, etc.  Use with caution and dilute appropriately with water or carrier oil.

  • Essential oils should not be used topically on children 2 and under.

  • Germ Ninja can feel very “hot” or irritating to people with sensitive skin.  Always test yourself sensitivity prior to use, and dilute you Germ Ninja oil with a carrier oil such as almond, grapeseed or olive to the strength you can tolerate.  If for some reason you use too much or it feels too strong, use carrier or vegetable oil to quickly remove it from your skin.

  • Test surfaces for color safeness prior to use.

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Written by Robert Smith on 3rd Jan 2019

we use it all winter long in our infusers works great

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