Lemon Essential Oil

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Botanical Name: Citrus limonum (syn. Citrus medica)

Plant Part: Peel

Extraction: Cold Pressed

Mixes well with: Bergamot, Eucalyptus, Lime, Orange

Common Uses: Skin care, uplifting, calming, focus, decongestant


Color: Pale Yellow

Consistency: Thin

Note: Top

Strength of Aroma: Strong

Aromatic Scent: Fresh Lemon - more concentrated and rich smelling.

*Safety: Do not use while pregnant. It may be a possible irritant to sensitive skin.

We recommend doing a patch test after properly diluting the essential oil with a carrier oil of your choosing. Always dilute essential oils before using on skin.

*Disclaimer: Please note, the International Federation of Aromatherapists do not recommend that Essential Oils, Carrier Oils, or Hydrosols be taken internally unless under the supervision of a Medical Doctor who is also qualified in clinical Aromatherapy.

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Great Quality
Written by Texas Handmade Suds on 13th Jun 2024

We use this essential oil in our custom blend to make BUGS BE GONE , an all natural mosquito repellent spray.

Lemon oil
Written by Sandra Gragg on 28th Jul 2020

Wonderful product! I am so very happy. I would recommend to anyone that uses essential oils. Ordering was easy and everything was delivered like it was supposed to. Great Company!

Lemon oil
Written by Sandra Gragg on 3rd Jun 2020

I was very satisfied with the product and the timelines of delivery,Thank you so much!

smells amazing
Written by kat on 14th Sep 2017

I use to infuse my house , as an astringent for my face and I add it to my handsoaps. Smells so fresh and clean! I love it!

Great Product
Written by Tanya Boozer on 29th Mar 2016

Good quality oil and fast delivery as usual.

Lemon Oil
Written by Dortha Little on 29th Sep 2014

The lemon oil is good as usual. My complaint that this particular oil has gone up so drastically in price. I really would like to know the reason for this price increase. I have been using this oil in my Goat's Milk Soap since 2007. Originally lemon oil was the least expensive of all the oils, now it is the most expensive. It is unreal. Why???

THese Products are original and Pures
Written by Claude Piguet on 19th Sep 2013

This supplier can be trusted for OIL quality and Fast Shipping

Very reliable Supplier
Written by Claude on 5th Mar 2013

Always satisfied with fast delivery

Great Value!
Written by Martine on 11th Sep 2012

This has been my "fourth" order from WFMED Green Health. I have been "very" pleased with the prices, shipping and the Essential Oils I have gotten through them. I love the smell of Lemon Essential Oil, it is a great disinfectant and reminds me of the smell of fresh lemon pies. It is very yummy smelling. I also use it as one to make something called "Thieves" oil that kills 99.96% of the germs in the air, within 12 minutes, when used in essential oil diffuser, if I feel I am getting sick and want to "halt" the spread of germs. The essential oils used are antiseptic, antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-infectious. The recipe for "Thieves" oil is... 20 drops Clove Essential Oil, 17 drops of Lemon Essential Oil, 10 drops of Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil, 7 drops of Eucalyptus Essential Oil, and 5 drops of Rosemary Essential Oil. Mix them together in a dark bottle, and mist the mixture around a room or bed of anyone who is sick. This mixture seems to "quickly" cut down my sick days, while keeping the prices affordable for me so I can make my own bulk recipe, to hand out to family and friends.

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