16 fl oz Aluminum Bottle with Plug and Cap

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Aluminum Bottle - 16 oz with Plug and Cap 

  • Lightweight 
  • Leak-Proof (with insert on the top)
  • Vapor-Proof (with locker on cap)
  • Break Proof 
  • Rust Proof 

Common uses: Essential oils and Cosmetics 

Our 8oz, 16oz and 32oz aluminum bottles come with plug and cap.  Series are U.N. approved standard as single packaging.


Bottle Measurements:

Bottle Size Height Diameter Inner Neck Diameter Capacity
8 oz 6 in 2.25 in 1.2 in 295 ml
16 oz 7.5 in 3 in 1.4 in 590 ml
32 oz 9.2 in 3.5 in 1.4 in 1,065 ml

Aluminum Bottles - 8 oz with Plug and Cap

Aluminum bottles also have the added advantage of being:

1. Lightweight

2. Leak-Proof, with insert on the top

3. Vapor-Proof, with locker on cap

4. Break Proof

5. Rust Proof

Common uses:

Essential oils and Cosmetics

Ensuring the quality of the essential oils and flavors and preventing contamination. Our 8oz (240ml), 16oz(480ml) and 32oz (960ml) with plug and cap series are U.N. approved standard as single packaging.

- See more at: https://www.wfmed.com/8-oz-with-plug-and-cap/#sthash.YwBYFFtk.dpuf

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