3 Relaxing Oils for February - Special Promotion!

3 Relaxing Oils for February - Special Promotion!

Valentine's Day will be here before you know it! What do you think of when you think of a romantic evening?

Most may say relaxing at home with takeout and a movie or maybe a dinner and a movie, but how about adding some of your favorite essential oils into the mix?

Use in a candle, add to a massage blend, or even use with some soothing skincare recipes.

Massage eases tension, relieves stress, and promotes relaxation, making it a perfect way to end the evening.

Here’s some other oils you can try for creating your own Valentine’s Day ambiance.



Lavender is hands down the #1 commonly used essential oil for just about any purpose! Its soothing, floral scent is what helps many people ‘wind down’ from a long day and calming enough to diffuse before bed.

Lavender has been proven to improve mood and the key component of Lavender, Linalool, helps to create a relaxing environment.


Frankincense is not an oil most tend to think of when they think of relaxing or sleeping, but its fresh, woody, slightly spicy scent is commonly used for promoting a calming environment.

A key reason why people love Frankincense is that it can help to balance your stress levels, making it an ideal oil after a long, stressful day!

Ylang Ylang

Ylang Ylang has a fresh, floral, sweet, and slightly fruity aroma that is used in many different perfumes on the market.

The essential oil can help calm the mind and there are promising studies showing that it can help improve quality of sleep.



Night tips:

  • Add to a bath bomb or bath oil to your bath
  • Create your own massage blends:
    • Head massage, foot massage, hand massage, etc.
  • Add to a spray bottle with water, shake before each use, and use to spray your sheets or pillow for a calming night!

Here’s a massage recipe for relaxation that will get you started!

Want to try these essential oils for yourself? 

Get a 15ml of each essential oil- Lavender, Frankincense, and Ylang Ylang for only $13! Valid through February 14.