DIY: Boogie Man Spray (for Nightmares)

DIY: Boogie Man Spray (for Nightmares)

With Halloween coming up it’s impossible to avoid anything spooky. From the merchandise we see covering the shelves of our local department store to the movie trailers for this year’s horror flicks, terror is lurking around every corner! Which means lots of frightening imagery to jump start your child’s imagination into a nightmare inducing frenzy.

No matter what time of year, some children suffer from debilitating nightmares. Others just get a little creeped out by the stories they hear and convince themselves that there is a monster living in their closet. No matter the case, we have created the perfect essential oil blend to encourage your child to feel confident and calm before bed.



Boogie Man Spray (DIY)

2oz plastic spray bottle

18 drops juniper berry essential oil

18 drops lavender essential oil

24 drops bergamot essential oil

2 tsp vodka, alcohol or witch hazel

distilled water

(double this recipe for a 4oz spray bottle)

Add the drops of essential oils to your spray bottle in this order. Add vodka or witch hazel, and fill to the top with distilled water. That’s it! Shake well and spray on your child’s bed sheets and pillows before tucking them in. It might also help to spray under the bed and in the closet for good measure ;)

All three of these essential oils have anti-anxiety effects. Juniper berry has been used for centuries to help overcome fears and insecurities, and has been known to help prevent nightmares. Bergamot is associated with feelings of self-love and confidence, while lavender has calming and sedative properties.

These three oils are also great for your skin in many ways. So after putting the kiddos to bed, you can use the Boogie Man Spray for yourself as a facial toner or body mist.

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and have a safe and happy Halloween!