Enhancing Your Wellness Goals in Time for the New Year!

Enhancing Your Wellness Goals in Time for the New Year!

As the new year approaches, many people look for ways they can enhance their lives, including making their daily routines more exciting.

For most, January is the month to start trying new workouts, finding a gym to join, and overall trying to live a healthier lifestyle.

Most people know that essential oils can help soothe soreness or boost energy however many do not think to incorporate oils into their workouts.

Here are a few ideas in which essential oils can be incorporated before or after sports practices:

  • Apply cooling oils to the chest to promote clear airways
  • Blend carrier oil with your favorite essential oil for a soothing addition to a shower or bath
  • Diffuse in the locker room or use a personal aromatherapy inhaler to promote positive feelings

Whether you work out from home or hit the gym regularly, energizing topical blends can help you power through tough workouts. For those who love their home workouts, try aromatherapy through an oil diffuser to create an enjoyable, invigorating atmosphere.

For an energizing boost, we highly recommend Peppermint and Eucalyptus essential oils. Whether you prefer one over the other or a combination of the two, these oils can be used to bring out your best while exercising.

Once you are done with your workout, essential oils can also be used to promote rest or relaxation.

A fun way to unwind after your workout is by adding essential oils (blended with carrier oil) for a soothing massage blend. You can also take a relaxing bath or foot soak to ease tired, aching feet.

Even if you are having trouble relaxing before bed, a favorite tip by many essential oil users is to create a lavender spray with essential oils and lightly spray their linens!

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From start to finish, essential oils can help benefit your daily life by supporting your self-care and wellness routines.