Laundry Tips for Summer

Laundry Tips for Summer

We all know, doing laundry is no fun. Detergent is costly and full of harsh chemicals. Sometimes it causes stains and builds up on your clothes too, damaging them over time! Fabric Softener isn't much better and can often do similar damage.

Maybe you want some natural smelling clothes and to avoid damaging any of your delicates in the process?

We got some options to help!

Whether you want to simply spray your clothes with different scents after washing them, or if you want to add a more  natural scent booster to your laundry, we got you covered.

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Essential oils are a great way to add a natural, fresh scent to your clothing without worrying about additional stains.

The best way to go about adding essential oils to your load of laundry is by adding 3-4 drops of an oil of your choosing to a wool dryer ball and letting the oils soak in for 10-15 minutes before tossing in with your clothing.

Warning: There are some essential oils that are more flammable than others, for safety precautions we recommend starting with oils such as Clary Sage for its higher flash point.


Don’t want to add essential oils to your laundry? Or maybe you want a unique scent that isn’t natural? Try our fragrance oils!

Simply add a few drops to a spray bottle with water, then shake and lightly spray your desired laundry (linens, delicates, & more)!

The options you can choose from for fragrance oils are limitless, as they are man made aromas. This allows you to get creative with choosing (or even mixing) your own scents together!

If you love floral, fruity scents, we highly recommend giving our popular Night Blooming Jasmine fragrance oil a try today!


And finally, we have one more suggestion for you: Floral Waters (also known as Hydrosols).

Floral Waters are a great option for those who are wanting a lighter scent than what you would get with fragrance oils or essential oils. It’s perfect for those who have sensitive skin or young children!

Floral Waters are water-based products made from essential oils, making it a cost-effective option in a convenient delivery system, perfect for those who are new to using natural products.

Spray your clothing a few times before placing it into the dryer and enjoy an all natural aroma that’s long lasting (and not full of chemicals)!

We recommend our Chamomile floral water for a calming, refreshing aroma, perfect for your towels or other linens!


Summer is hard, but it doesn’t have to be. Essential oils, fragrance oils, or hydrosols can all be used during household chores to make them more exciting!

Essential oils are great for the eco-conscious consumer who wants to ditch those fabric softener sheets but still wants a natural scent on their clothing.

Fragrance oils are perfect for a last minute spray of linens, especially if you want a quick scent boost for your bed sheets or pillowcase!

Finally, we have Floral Waters coming in for a great alternative for a lighter, more natural scent (instead of the traditional chemical-filled fabric softeners).