Top Spring Essential Oil Recipes

Top Spring Essential Oil Recipes

Still stuck with the Winter Blues? Then gear up for spring with these tips for the top spring essential oil blends.

Although the weather might not reflect the change in season, diffusing essential oils will help you welcome the fragrances of spring into your home while getting you out of that winter rut.

If there’s one appliance in our house that gets a real workout during the spring season, it’s my diffuser! There are so many good reasons to diffuse essential oils during the springtime, like relieving seasonal allergy symptoms, but even if you don’t have a particular purpose for diffusing essential oils, you can always just do it because it makes your home smell wonderful! Diffusing is a great way to bring the outdoors in, even when it may still be a bit too chilly to throw all the windows open.

Here are several spring-inspired essential oil “recipes” that will have your home smelling and feeling like spring in no time!

Introducing Spring

Love the combination of lemon, grapefruit, and geranium; it’s fresh and slightly sweet, just like spring!

  • 2 Drops of Lavender Essential Oil
  • 2 Drops of Grapefruit Essential Oil
  • 2 Drops of Geranium Essential Oil

Sweet Springtime Renewal

Combining aromas that are clean, relaxing, and romantic, this blend brings together three favorite essential oils for a uniquely uplifting experience.

  • 2 Drops Grapefruit Essential Oil
  • 2 Drops Lavender Essential Oil
  • 2 Drops Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

Cool It

To cool you down on a hot spring or summer day as well as ward off the creepy crawlies while you’re letting in a breeze, diffuse this blend.

  • 4 Drops Spearmint
  • 4 Drops Peppermint
  • 4 Drops Citronella
  • 1 Drop Lemongrass

Be Happy

Adding these oils together creates a mood boosting blend that is great when you’re having people over and are ready to entertain.

  • 3 Drops BergamotEssential Oil
  • 2 Drops GeraniumEssential Oil
  • 3 Drops LavenderEssential Oil

Motivation Diffuser Blend

Motivation diffuser blend with black pepper, lime, wild orange, and frankincense essential oils. I LOVE this blend. It smells amazing and is very uplifting!! Promotes confidence, energy, zest, creativity, encouragement, and motivation. Who doesn’t need that?!?

  • 2 Drops Black Pepper Essential Oil
  • 2 Drops Lime Essential Oil
  • 2 Drops Sweet Orange Essential Oil
  • 2 Drops Frankincense Serrata Essential Oil

Citrus Blow

A great way to purify the air while also making your home smell like you’ve spent the day cleaning.

  • 1 Drop of Bergamot Essential Oil
  • 1 Drop of Grapefruit Essential Oil
  • 1 Drop of Lemon Essential Oil
  • 1 Drop of Lime Essential Oil
  • 1 Drop of Orange Essential Oil

Chill Out

Need to relax a little? Need to find your happy place? Try this Chill Out diffuser blend!!

  • 3 Drops Grapefruit Essential Oil
  • 3 Drops Orange Essential Oil
  • 2 Drops Lemon Essential Oil
  • 1 Drop Bergamot Essential Oil

Happy Spring!!