Green Health Synergy Trial Set (5ml)

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More powerful therapeutic results are often obtained when essential oils are blended together than when used individually. This blending of two or more essential oils results in completely new compounds being formed.

 GreenHealth synergy blends have been created in order to promote specific benefits such as for relaxing, sensual, alertness, respiratory or applications for use in pain.

C’est la vie

A soft and sweet blend of essential oils that bring about a sense of calm and wellbeing.  The synergistic properties address the concerns and complaints that often accompany menstruation making this a perfect blend for PMS.

Citrus Splash

A sweet citrusy blend to uplift spirits and brighten moods.  The aroma will quickly bring  you to a ‘sunshine state’ of mind.  A perfect blend to help you wake up, be alert and make you smile.  This synergistic blend is sure to brighten even the gloomiest of days.

Germ Ninja (Compare to Thieves Oil)

A synergistic blend of seven powerful essential oils that really packs a punch.  This strongly concentrated blend is designed to be a superhero for immunity. Germs, bacteria, colds, and more will never see this ‘Ninja’ coming!

Headache Magic

A therapeutic blend designed to assist in the relief of headaches and sinus pain.  

Pain & Strain

A therapeutic blend for the relief of back and muscle pain and strain.


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