All About Castor Oil Packs

All About Castor Oil Packs

Did you know that you can use castor oil for other purposes than moisturizing your skin? Many carrier oils–including castor oil offer unique benefits that we might not think about on a daily basis- such as stimulating hair growth, reducing the appearance of scars/texture of the skin, and even providing natural pain relief.

Here’s where castor oil packs come into play.

Castor oil packs work by using a wool or flannel material infused with castor oil that is applied to the desired area of the body (such as the stomach or back). Castor oil packs are believed to have many excellent benefits for the body, including supporting lymphatic drainage and easing aches or pains.

For individuals wanting to alleviate their everyday aches or discomforts, castor oil packs are seen as an ideal option.

Here are all the items you need in order to make your own DIY castor oil pack:

Once you have all of your necessary items, you’ll need to do the following:

  • Cut the wool or flannel into a few rectangular pieces
  • Generously pour castor oil into the container and soak your flannel pieces
  • With the tongs, pick up the pieces of cloth, lay flat on the plastic sheet on top of each other
  • Use and enjoy!

When you’re done with setting up your castor oil pack, here is how you can use it!

Castor oil can help with a variety of natural remedies, including:

  • Moisturizing your hair, eyelashes/eyebrows, skin
  • Stimulate hair growth
  • Easing symptoms of pain and inflammation all over the body

Want to give castor oil packs a try? Let us know if they’ve worked for you!