Rose vs Palmarosa essential oil

Rose vs Palmarosa essential oil

As we approach Valentine’s Day, I’m sure most of us think of fresh, floral, scents– such as Rose essential oil.

Rose is a luxurious oil that is considered to be the ‘queen’ of essential oils because of its high quality and many benefits. Due to the significant amount of rose petals it takes to produce a drop of essential oil along with high demand, Rose essential oil is one of the most costly essential oils on the market.

For many people, Rose essential oil is out of their budget, but we have substitutes that are perfect for every budget!

Here are a few oils we offer that are a great substitute for Rose essential oil!:

  • Rose Absolute
  • Rose Absolute 5% blend
  • Palmarosa essential oil

Rose Absolute is a unique oil because it’s not an essential oil, but it is an absolute, meaning compared to essential oils it has a thicker consistency and a stronger fragrance.

For our 5% blend of Rose Absolute oil, it is a part of our Pre-Dilutions collection- featuring premium oils prediluted with carrier oil. These oils are an excellent way to try out premium oils for an affordable price point.

Palmarosa on the other hand is an oil that is not as well known, but has a similar floral aroma to Rose essential oil.

It has a very fresh, floral, sweet aroma, but with herbaceous notes. This oil is an excellent choice for those who are looking for a middle-note fragrance that isn’t overpowering.

There are many different options for substitutes and alternatives, especially when it comes to essential oils. Rose oil is a classic, popular essential oil perfect for those looking to add a luxurious, premium aroma into their products. However, Palmarosa tends to be a very overlooked alternative that may work just as well for your DIY needs.

For those who are looking to blend with carrier oil, why not try our pre-dilutions line of essential oils? We have a variety of premium essential oils at a more affordable price point to meet everyone's essential oil needs.

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