Tips on Creating the Perfect Essential Oil Blend

Tips on Creating the Perfect Essential Oil Blend

Diffusers, roller bottles, carrier oils, and essential oils—what do they all have in common?

When used together they all help create your perfect blend.

For an ideal essential oil blend, you can’t mix a bunch of oils together and hope for the best. Aromatherapy is a unique mix of science and art– certain blends can be suitable for household purposes, while others can be perfect for a custom perfume or simply as an air freshener.

There’s a few different ways you can create the perfect blend by combining oils for–

  • A certain effect/mood (uplifting, calming, relaxing)
  • A particular type of fragrance (spicy, citrus, floral)
  • Mixing different aromatic strengths for a uniquely powerful blend (top-middle-base notes)

In order to create a balanced blend, you’ll need to do the following:

If you’re wanting to create a topical blend, don’t forget the carrier oil- 1 teaspoon per drop of essential oil is a great starting point for any new blend!

Here’s a fun blend idea to try in your diffuser today- Vanilla Spice!

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Want to know what each essential oil note is? Take a look at the chart below to get started!


In order to get the most benefit from your essential oils, create a blend by focusing on what you really want the most for your specific issue or desired scent.

An ideal guideline to go by is:

2 top note drops

2 middle note drops

1 base note drop

And if you were wanting to apply topically, we recommend following the 1 drop per 1 teaspoon rule for a proper dilution rate!