Relaxing Blend: C'est La Vie

Relaxing Blend: C'est La Vie

When we are stressed out the first thing we do to try and relax is to reach for something familiar, something that comforts and calms us. For some it’s a candy bar, for others a cup of coffee or maybe a cigarette. Although these impulses might be totally subconscious, wouldn’t it be better if we could replace our stress-relieving go-to with something that could be beneficial in multiple ways?

Our relaxing synergy blend C’est La Vie is meant to do just that! This harmonizing blend is a combination of essential oils that will calm an overactive mind and bring you to a state of peacefulness. It can help ease symptoms of anxiety and depression, making you feel joyous and uplifted. This blend will also address any hormone related issues such as PMS, mood swings, cramps and hot flashes.

It comes in an easy, ready-to-use roll on bottle, a massage oil, or you can enjoy diluting the synergy blend in your own creative ways.

It has an enchanting floral aroma that will leave you feeling like you’re inhaling the breeze through a botanical garden on a sunny day. Although it can be profiled as a feminine scent, men find it alluring and exotic. Use C’est La Vie as an aphrodisiac or as a natural perfume.

In addition to its calming properties, the essential oils in this blend are also wonderful for your skin and hair. Dilute it with raspberry seed oil or perilla seed oil for a nightly face serum that combats hormonal acne, or add it to your homemade shampoo to add body and shine to your hair and a sweet, buttery scent you can carry with you all day.

    How to use C'est La Vie:
  • Use the massage oil for a relaxing self massage before bed
  • Diffuse at your desk or while relaxing to promote a stable mood
  • Keep your roll on close by so you can roll over wrists, base of the neck and/or under your feet to destress throughout the day
  • Roll on your abdomen for relief from menstrual cramps
  • Mix 40 drops of the synergy blend with 4 tsp of witch hazel and purified water in a 4oz spray bottle for a face/hair/body mist (is also a great thing to have on hand when experiencing hot flashes)
  • Spray on clothing and sheets to promote a romantic atmosphere

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